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I’m frustrated

Head First PMP translation to brazilian portuguese is awful

I am very dissapointed with Head First PMP book translation to brazilian portuguese.
I paid over US$50 and it comes without an index, without any information for registering the book.
But worst of all is the nonsense and bad translation.
The book is originally well conceived but those who intend to pass the PMP examination will certainly fail because of the bad translation. The translators are very creative, instead of acquisition they use the translation for the word outsource, which is something else.
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  • Hello Lavinia,

    I'm very sorry that you are disappointed in your purchase. Could you please tell me which company you purchased this book from? I can then pass your feedback on to the company that has licensed this content and is translating it in your area.

    The reason you do not see any information for registering this title, is because it is not directly from O'Reilly. When a title is licensed for translating and then distribution in a new country, it is usually sold under a new ISBN. This prevents you from registering the title with us since it is, technically, no longer our book.
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  • Helen Monroe (Senior Rights Manager) August 27, 2008 11:42
    Hi Lavinia

    We endeavour to make sure that publishers who license rights from us produce a high quality translation of our titles.

    We would like to bring up your feedback with the Brazilian publisher. In order to do this, please could you point out a few examples of the errors you have encountered? My email is Thanks very much
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