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Head First PMP book error.

Head First PMP book error.
I am running a Learning Group with the Head First PMP book and purchased 15 copies. All of them have a March 2007: First Edition Print History, however, one particular book as different answers on page 496 of Chapter 10. Question 1 and 2 have the answers reversed. Did I locate something special or just an error?
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  • Hi,

    If you look at the lower right-hand corner of the copyright page in the book, you will see a reprint date in square brackets (ie [10/07]. That tells you the date of the reprint you have. Some errors are corrected in our reprints, as you have noticed. We document any changes to printings in the errata for the book, which you can see by going to the book's page on our site, and clicking the "View/Submit Errata" link. For this particular issue, I see this in the "changes for the 10/07 reprint" doc:

    (496) The first question asks for the kind of communication when an
    applicant comes late and dressed unprofessionally. The answer is
    nonverbal, not paralingual.

    (496) The second question asks for the kind of communication when
    the applicant is replying sarcastically. The answer is paralingual, not

    I hope that helps,
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