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i clicked on the" download all files of this book" link, which means i already have the "". the problem, that page doesn't work. it just loads endlessly. the page title just says " loading", but nothing shows up, i've even waited 10 minutes, still nothing. i just need the book files. please do not send me this link: "" , it does not work, thank you.
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  • I just tried to download the files from the book page on and I was able to get the files. So let's try and figure out how you can get the files on your system.

    Did you try a different browser? I'm on a Mac and sometimes using Firefox gives me different results than using Safari. If you're on a Windows computer, did you try using Chrome or Firefox?

    Another option would be to right-click (or ctrl-click if your using a Mac) on the download link and select "Download Linked File."

    You might want to check to see if the files were downloaded and put somewhere. Search for the file,, or the directory, HFHTML_code.

    I hope one of those suggestions helps you. Please let us know.

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