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i bought the book as well. i tried clicking on the " all the files in this book" button, but nothing works, it just loads a black page endlessly. can u please help me. its really frustrating, i'm thinking about writing the code out myself and downloading images off istockphoto. but this would sort of defeat the purpose of reading a book on learning html right.. please help, thanks
also, this site is really hard to find what i'm looking for. maybe a button or something signifying" hey need help, ask me a question". its really unclear how to or what to press to ask a question, i went to post comment, but then realised that wasn't it. i'm still not even sure if this is it. please help. omg, and at the button of this page, it ask type in the name of this book, but the book doesn't show up, i click on head first since its the only book there, then it points to some box. its beyond frustrating at this point. i wish the book just had a direct link to the book files, instead of telling you to go and start a wild goose chase
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