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Head First C - source code download issue

Head First C - download examples issue.

chapter 2.5
In that link you have only 2 examples - one is in folder 47 and second is in folder 48
But in my pdf version chapter 2.5 is between 83-103.

On the page 94 is code:
char tracks[][80] = {
"I left my heart in Harvard Med School",
"Newark, Newark - a wonderful town",
"Dancing with a Dork",
"From here to maternity",
"The girl from Iwo Jima",
void find_track(char search_for[])
int i;
for (i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
if (strstr(tracks[i], search_for))
printf("Track %i: '%s'\n", i, tracks[i]);
int main()
char search_for[80];
printf("Search for: ");
fgets(search_for, 80, stdin);
search_for[strlen(search_for) - 1] = '\0';
return 0;

My question is: where is this example in source code(to download)?

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