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Head First C# and Visual Studio 2013

I'm reading Head First C# and using Visual Studio 2013 to learn. However, I'm completely stuck at the first chapter (when you have to add code for the start button) because the code generated by the IDE is much different from what is in the book, and moreover I cannot create the same objects as in the tutorial, because the IDE complains a lot. For example:

- the MainPage class is not public sealed partial class MainPage, but simply MainPage::MainPage, and I can't add a Random object ("unexpected identifier Random is not defined").
- methods in MainPage.xaml.cpp don't have public/private modifier (and trying to add one gives error "unexpected identifier"). Moreover, when I try to create an object ContentControl in void App1::MainPage::startButton_Click with new it won't let me ("new cannot be used on a WinRT class").

I don't understand if I am doing something wrong or the code generated by Visual Studio has changed so much between version 2012 and 2013. What could I do? Do I have to give up using the book? Or I should go back to visual studio 2012?

Thank you for your attention :)
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