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Head first c#: How do you run Visual Basic 2012 in visual basic community 2015?

How do you run visual basic 2012 with vb community 2015?

Also is the book "Head first c#" only meant to work on windows 8 os only or is it ok for w10?

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  • Hi Arthur,

    The book came out when Windows 8 was current, so it was aimed at that version, but a lot of people didn't use that, so the authors wrote a supplement for using the book with Visual Studio 2013 for Windows Desktop, which you can download from here -

    You will need to download the "WPF Guide to Head First C# PDF" by going to this page - and looking on the right side of the page in the Essential Links section. You'll also need to download the alternate WPF code from that section.

    It sounds confusing, but once you download that PDF, it should clarify the situation.

    Best regards,
    Chris Olson
    O'Reilly Customer Service
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  • I’m undecided
    This is really frustrating. So I downloaded "Visual Studio express for Windows 8". I am running Windows 10. So I ran into a problem at page 14 where I'm supposed to deleted Mainpage.xaml to open it myself. But guess what? My templates dont show any of the BlankPage/Basic Page/ SplitPage etc. So doing a search I get these results"". After reading around, I have manage to fix the issue by repairing the vs2012.

    The other thing is I am confused. How exactly am I supposed to study/learn from this book.

    Am I supposed to use vs2012, or vs2013 for windows desktop or vs2015 community. I don't understand what the deal is between all of these different editions of visual studios. Like why cant windows 8 applications be made with vs2013 and are instead using WPF (shouldn't the newer versions be backward compatible? ). Also your reply stated that I should use the different chapters the author wrote, that are meant to be run in vs2013 and using WPF.

    How come vs2012 is running fine in Windows10 for me? (Although it seems to be an evaluation version for 30 days). Will I have to remove vs2012 from my system and instead download the 5GB large Vs2013 now?

    If just the first 2 chapters are causing this much difficulty and problem, am I to presume that chapters 1 to 17 will not be without difficulty (Not study wise, but running the software wise). What other chapters then chapters 1and 2 require a specific version of VisualStudio software.

    Regarding the reviews and etc, I have read for this book on c#, I would really like to study from it instead of dropping it for another study material specially because I like the style and what not. However these issues has been frustrating. I would really appreciate it if you could help me with these issues Chris.

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