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HardWhere - the Pocket LINUX PC Multiuser Oriented

Hi, we would like to kindly ask your attention on our newborn Kickstarter campaign,
HardWhere is a small and cheap stick desktop PC that you can plug to any TV with HDMI port. As a PC, as party companion, as an educational partner, as small server. Many lives, one HardWhere! Every HardWhere can support infinite users: the microSD in bundle is the real heart of the device, you can easily remove it and give life to another empty HardWhere.

We have put everything (OS, apps, files, user preferences) in the MicroSD. When you leave, simply extract the MicroSD and bring it with you. Immediate, safe and easily upgradable.

We had a very user focused development, a light, eye candy and fast environment, tested for fully performing working sessions (office, photo editor), home movie (graphic acceleration, Netflix compatibility), makers medium (Arduino IDE), immediate and wireless mobile file sharing, silent and privacy/theft proof.
Fast, cheap and uninque.

Take a look at our Kickstarter campaign:

Thank you for your support
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