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great way to unclutter ...

just heard about your $4.95 ebook special on previously purchased books that expired in October. Will that be repeated ?
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  • Hello Dan,

    The offer is still in effect, though I'm not promoting it due to a technical issue that we hope to resolve this week. The issue is that our media management page, the page that displays your ebooks for downloading, can have problems drawing if you have lots of ebooks listed. We're recoding the page now and hope to have the solution in place later this week, or early next, at which point we'll start promoting the offer again. But it works fine in most cases.

    For those who are unaware of the offer, here are the details:

    Anyone who has registered an O'Reilly print book -- -- can upgrade to the ebook for $4.99.

    Once you've registered your books you can click to the book's catalog page and add the ebook to our cart. Use code 499UP in the cart to get the upgrade pricing.

    That's it, and thanks for buying O'Reilly books!

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