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I’m thankful

Great 'Back To School' 50% off eBooks/Videos sale!

I would like to thank the team that came up with this sale for one and only one reason - the long duration of this promotion that really gives people the time to browse hundreds of titles, check excerpts, read reviews and recommendations and then decide on which ones to buy.

This is how discount sale promos ought to be done, and not like a "one day only" sale that gives almost no time to people, depending on the timezone, the day of the week, etc.

I would've liked the prices of eBooks to be fixed at $9.99 or so, instead of a percentage discount. The percentage discount still keeps a lot of books and videos out of my reach.

Hopefully the fixed (low) price will come in the next sale, and I'll post a similar compliment with "Great" in the title of this post replaced with "Unbeatably excellent". :)

Thanks again! I really appreciate it!