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I’m thrilled

Great author promptly handles errata: Gian-Paolo D. Musumeci

I would like to thank Gian-Paolo D. Musumeci for his prompt attention to errata submissions for his (and M.Loukides) excellent book: System Performance Tuning 2nd Ed. Poking around errata pages lately, I see that many/most submissions languish in the "unconfirmed" page for months/years, especially for "older" book titles like this one.

Not only did Gian-Paolo promptly clean up all outstanding errata, but he personally replied via email to one of my clarification requests. That is great author interaction and is a major bonus that O'Reilly provides. Other authors: buck up!

Lastly, since it isn't easy to reply to to Gian-Paolo's reply, I want to add that I think he handled the errata I (and others) submitted quite superbly. The (e)book will be better for it, and help ensure O'Reilly keeps its "polished" reputation. Also, lest my errata submissions seem too harsh or critical, I want to note that I only have the best of intentions, with an eye towards a "perfection" I'm sure is desirable to both the author and ORA. After all, it would be a shame if a 3rd print edition came out that still contained these errors. Thanks!