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Github repositories for Head First series & others

It would be really nice to have GitHub repositories with:

1. Starter files
2. Solution files

There is one for JS programming, but files there are already solutions. This leaves you with an option to delete some code, or just start with a blank page. Both are kinda inconvenient.

As for Python 2nd edition I can't find files at all.

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  • Hi Nick.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Sorry that the Head First JavaScript Programming files aren't exactly what you'd prefer. I'll send that feedback to the authors.

    Regarding Head First Python 2E, the code is available from these locations:

    I know you're still waiting for the full version of Head First Python 2E on Safari Books Online. Our web team is working to make those files available ASAP. The Thanksgiving holiday slowed things down a bit, but I know they submitted new files today, so hopefully the full book will be available sometime today or tomorrow. Thanks for your patience, and sorry again for the delay.


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