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I’m frustrated

Getting frustrated with Flex 3 lesson 1

Just new at FlexBuilder 3 I tried example 1.1 from your book getting started with Flex 3. Error message at line 6.
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    I’m hopeful this helps
    sarahkim (Official Rep) July 24, 2008 06:47
    Hi vuurvlinder,

    I found this information on our Errata page for the book you are reading. It was submitted by another one of our readers and I think it may help.


    {3}Under Section 1.2 Having Some Image Fun - first paragraph, last sentence;
    The sentence reads; "From there, take any image from your computer, rename it to myimage.jpg, and drop it into the src folder of your new project."

    However, the sample code embeds mypicture.jpg the names must match to make this sample code work. Change either the sentence to match the code or change the code to match the sentence. Since the other code samples rely on mypicture.jpg it would probably be easier to change the sentence.


    Does this solve the problem you are experiencing?

    You can find all errata for your book and submit any errors that you find here:

    Kind regards,
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