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Getting Book Version or Update Info

What is the easiest way to tell if I have the latest version of an ebook? Can you confirm that the two dates shown in the pop up window when viewing a specific product are the date I added the book and the latest version date? Thanks.
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  • Hi Dave,

    The best way to tell if you have the latest version of the ebook is to check the Copyright page.   It lists the date of the last update to the content on that page.
    The dates in the Your Products page don't always give you the date of the last content update, but the last time one of the format files was uploaded to our system.

    Another way to see when the last update to the content was made for a title is to check the book's Confirmed Errata page and look at the column on the right side
    called Date Corrected.  

    I hope that helps,
    Chris Olson
    O'Reilly Book Support
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