I’m frustrated

Frustrated in buying a very outdated book month only before the un-announced release of the new edition.

Hi O'Reilly,

After waiting for a while for a new edition of "Absolute OpenBSD", which, released in 2003, was getting very outdated, and without any words of a new edition being worked on, I eventually bought the 1st edition in Nov 2012, only to learn 3 month later that this long-awaited 2nd edition was just released , an information that was not available in Nov 2012, or I would have waited a little longer.

So I'm now finding myself in a awkward position.

Given the high price tag of this book, my question is : Does O'Reilly have a commercial program for owners of books wanting to upgrade to new editions, apart from buying these new editions full price ?

In my case, is there a way to buy that second edition at a reasonable discount, for instance sending back the 1st edition copy, in pristine condition, bought only a few month ago ?

Thank you
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