To Whom It May Concern,
I started with the O’Reilly Company in July of this year and was terminated this month, October, due to SUPPOSED complaints against me because of my frustration with the O’Reilly computer system. The reasons for my frustrations were simply because I had no training in the process. It was “LEARN AS YOU GO” and I was a “part time” associate. In other words, when I did not understand something, I had to wait with the customer until one of the “full” time associates got available to assist me. This caused the customer to have to wait and I could not do anything until I got the assistance that was needed to complete the transaction with the customer.
When I first started with the company, I was told to log onto the computer and do the training required and it would assist me in understanding the system. As a “part time” associate, I didn’t get to do the training very much since I was required to be on the front line desk. During the slow times, I was sent home early instead of being allowed to get the training. It was suggested that I come in on my days off and log into the computer and do more training but since I was being sent home early instead of doing the training, I saw no reason to come in on my days off. When training is not a “priority”, then people will fail the company because they have no understanding. Instead, they are sent home because the customer doesn’t understand why they are not being taken care of properly and the associate can’t help them properly. If there is a training program to help the associate, then why are they not allowed to get time to do the training instead of being sent home early?

Respectfully, Sgt. Ralph D. Shorter
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