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Format shifting...

With regard to ebooks and formats, I would appreciate being able to get either html or unformatted text formatted book (stripped of graphics if there are any), or being permitted to convert the already available formats to one that my various book reading devices can display. I haven't seen the T&C's for ebooks yet (a link if there is one?) but am starting out with the assumption that format shifting isn't permissible, although correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.
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  • Hi ajehals,

    As you probably already know, we sell our ebooks in multiple formats without any DRM encryption. We want you to have the flexibility to read the content in the format and using the device that you prefer. While we of course expect our readers to respect copyright law, extracting the HTML from one of our ebooks for personal use on your various devices is absolutely acceptable. The EPUB version of our ebooks is actually XHTML and CSS under the hood. You can get at it by changing the file extension from ".epub" to ".zip" and unzipping it. See our EPUB resources page for more details on the EPUB format.

    We don't currently offer a plain text version, though if I wanted to get from HTML to plain text, I'd use the dump option from the lynx browser.
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