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I’m insulted

For Photoshop Elements 5 Missing Manual, want copy/download of harvestsmall.psd

On page 139, chapter 6, of Photoshop Elements 5 Missing Manual, you make a lot of chirpy statements about how central layering is as a Photoshop concept.. On page 140, the next page, you offer that one can downlload "harvestfestsmall.psd" to demonstrate and learn the very sophisticated example.

I found no such copy at Can you please send me one? Or, do you prefer to cripple/stymy students of your $52 book with chirpy marketing????
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  • Hi Dave.

    Sorry for your frustration.

    You can find all the sample files on the book's Missing CD page (, as promised in the text.

    Near the top of the Missing CD page is a section labeled Sample Images, which contains this sentence: "Download all images in a zip file (2.12MB) or download individual images here." If you'd like to download all the images at once (including havestfestsmall.psd), click the words "zip file" in that sentence. If you'd rather download individual files, click the word "here" instead.

    If you click the word "here," you'll be taken to this page, which lists all the individual sample files, including harvestfestsmall.psd:

    Here's the direct link to havestfestsmall.psd:


    Associate Editor, Missing Manuals
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