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I’m hopeful

Flair Builder should be in the RIA Awards

Your RIA Poll round 3 should includ e"Flair Builder", a very well designed and powerful Mockup & Prototyping tool at least the equal of the 2 others included in Round 1 and 2. This is the effort of a lone developer in Romania who has I feel succeeded in building a better product, so at least give him a shot!. When you try it I am sure you will agree.
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    Hi ShayneM,

    Thanks for giving us the heads-up about FlairBuilder. @ccpascu is lucky to have such ardent support, and we've made note of your request.

    Because we've tried to make InsideRIA as community-driven as possible, may I ask that you also post your comment/request to this page:

    We hadn't planned to have a third round of candidate consideration, but at least this way we can let more people in the community know about Cristian's work with FlairBuilder.

    Take care, thanks again, and I hope to meet you at MAX!
    --Steve Weiss
    O'Reilly Media, site manager for
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