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I’m frustrated

favourites is all screwed up with windows vista home premium

regarding ; favourites,
My previous computer ran on windows xp. My new computer runs on vista home premium.With xp, going to favourites was easy. e.g. I used U-tube constantly for music lessons. I did not have u-tube listed on my favourites. What I did have listed was individual lessons. ( e.g. eric clapton--tears in heaven--acoustic guitar lesson). I also had a multitude of favourite pieces of music on my list. I would simply go to my favourites list , click on the lesson I wanted and instantly go to that lesson. It was that simple.

This does not work with windows vista.
I recieved an e-mail which required me to go to u-tube, ( this is exactly how I started my u-tube list on xp). While I was there I decided to start my list of music lessons on my new computer. So I started my list with half a dozen or so of my favourite music pieces. Imagine my surprise the next time I opened my favourite list and clicked on an item and nothing happened. I tried my whole list. Still nothing happened.
Windows vista has automatically installed four items on the favourites list. Of course they are all windows related. ( Well, surprise, surprise !). Naturally they work immediately.
However, I found that if I went to the e-mail which contained the original u-tube I recieved, I could access the list of favourites I had created from that e-mail.
Recently I have been putting together an itinerary for a vacation. I have two websites regarding this vacation which I have added to my favourites list. Up until today, I had been able to access these sights from my favourites list. Today, for some unknown reason, I was able to access only one of them.
Also, for some unknown reason, I have been unable to access my u-tube music lesons. Not even from the original u-tube e-mail.
They are still all on the favourites list but not accessable.
I'm totally confused and so far disappointed with windows vista, It certainly has not improved my windows experience.
Can anyone explain or help?
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  • Hi Peter,

    This does sound like a pretty strange and frustrating problem. What happens when you click on one of these Favorites and it doesn't work? Do you get an error message, and if so what does it say?

    When you mention that you couldn't access the YouTube videos even from your email, that sounds like it may be an issue with videos being removed from YouTube, but it's hard to know for sure. Could you share some of the links/URLs here?

    If you're having difficulties working with other parts of Vista, you might find the book Windows Vista: The Missing Manual to be really helpful.

    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media, Inc.
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