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I’m confused

Errors upon validating EPub 3 Best Practices

I bought the Epub 3 Best Practices ebook and I'm very pleased with it. My question is, "Why didn't it pass validation". I used epubchecker and found a lot of errors and warnings. I figure a book about best practices should have no errors.
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  • Hi Howard,

    On, we make the EPUB for EPUB 3 Best Practices available in EPUB 3 format. I checked and confirmed that our EPUB validates against epubcheck 3.0, which is the latest version of the software used for validating EPUB 3 files. You can validate online using epubcheck 3.0 here:

    If you received validation errors, I suspect you may have been using an older version of epubcheck, like epubcheck 1.2, which will throw errors on all EPUB 3 files.

    But if that's not the case, and you are using epubcheck 3.0, could you let me know so I can look into this further? It's our policy that all EPUB files we sell must be valid.

    Thanks very much,

    Sanders Kleinfeld
    Publishing Technology Engineer
    O'Reilly Media Inc.
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