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I’m perplexed

Error in openning presentation of Organizer for Elements 12

In Photoshop Elements 12 on pg. 41 discussing the organizer, in the box at the bottom it says "If you don't see the useful panels on the sides, then click the buttons circled here to display them." The only button circled is for another function. So what are we supposed to do to open those panels? Hope you'll fix this next time.
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  • Hi Jay.

    I'm sorry about that. You're the first person who's pointed out this error--thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    I believe the buttons that are supposed to be circled are the Hide button at the bottom left (its label changes to "Show" when the left-hand panel is collapsed) and the Tags/Info button at the bottom right.

    I hope that helps. Thanks again for letting us know about this issue.


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