I’m unsure

erratum for example 7-24 in the PHP Cookbook

I think I have found an error in Example 7-24 of PHP Cookbook by Adam Trachtenberg and David Sklar.

I copied the code exactly as it is in the online version of the book at Safari. When I then used the code in Example 7-25, php produced the following error:

[01-Mar-2013 15:58:16 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Declaration of MySQL::connect() must be compatible with that of Database::connect() in /var/www/fbmeta/test.php on line 27
[01-Mar-2013 16:00:01 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Declaration of MySQL::query() must be compatible with that of Database::query() in /var/www/fbmeta/test.php on line 27

I changed the code in example 7-24 to the following:

abstract class Database {
abstract public function connect($server, $username, $password, $database);
abstract public function query($sql);
abstract public function fetch();
abstract public function close();

All was well!

Hope that helps somebody. I was very frustrated because I am just learning OOP and had no clue what was giving me the 500 error.

Thank you for making great books.
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