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I’m disappointed.

Errata on O'Reilly website have already been corrected (except one).

The link to Errata for Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript printed in the Fourth Edition, 2015-04-03: Second Release, is, and the link to Errata for the same book on your website is, which should be more current. The Errata at both links, however, appear to be identical. In the printed book I purchased recently (Fourth Edition, 2015-04-03: Second Release), all of the Errata have been have been corrected except the very first one listed (PDF; Page 47, very bottom). You should have separate links to the different printed releases of your books to avoid confusion. I printed the Errata and cut each one in a separate strip, so that it would be in place when I reached that point in the book, only to find that only one on the Errata had been corrected.
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