I’m unsure

ePUB Head First C and e-Book reader

I'm very happy to see that now Head First Series provide also ePUB formats. Here I'm referring to Head First C book.
I tried my purchased version in my e-Book reader (a Sony Wifi Reader). It works but in specific cases I'm not able to change page (go forward). For example, I'm able to reach page 22 (Sharpen your pencil: Solution) but then I cannot change page to the next page anymore. I'm able to go to the next page if I specify the page number (page 23 for example) through the e-Book search functionality.

What could it be the problem? An e-Book Reader problem or an ePUB one?

I have other ePUB books from O'Reilly but they work great in my e-Book.

Thank you in advance.
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