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EPUB - Super-bloated file sizes

I'm suddenly noticing severe bloat in updated EPUBs. For example, Make: Javascript Robotics was 14.7MB the last update (which had all of the chapters) and now clocks in at 131.7MB. This recently happened to another updated book (BeagleBone Cookbook) as well (I don't know what the size was originally, but the current size is 107.5MB)

Here's why it's a problem for me. I buy my eBooks from OReilly, and then I upload them to my google books account (in the Play store) so that I can read them from any of my devices (it retains bookmarks, what page I am on, etc). Google has a 100MB upload size limit.

If that's the correct file size, then that's fine, but I thought that it was worthwhile to ask about it since a jump from 14.7MB to 131.7MB in a single update seems rather extreme. I'm wondering if someone ticked the wrong box somewhere in the export process.
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