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Entity Framework 5.0 with WCF and Self tracking

I have used Entity Framework on a couple of projects now and The Manning Entity Framework 4.0 book has been enough to get me going. I need to go up a level and this book does not cut it.

I’m currently writing a Data Layer on a project that uses VS2010 C# on WinXP. I’ve installed Entity Framework 5.0 and am using this in a WCF project. I have also installed the Self tracking template that comes shipped with VS2010 based on my Entities. The Entities were created from an existing DB.

The problem I have is that there are conflicting statements on the internet when searching for the best way to use the Self Tracking template in WCF. Does the book that you have written for O’reilly cover correct usage of this template in a WCF environment? If yes, I will gladly buy this book.
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