Encyclopedia of Electronic Components: Where are connectors?

With regard to "Encyclopedia of Electronic Components" are there any plans to include a chapter on "Connectors" to any future volume? The closest item in Volume One are jumpers.
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  • Hey Roy,

    Thanks for your question.

    Naturally I considered putting connectors in the Encyclopedia. But then I started looking at them, and was dismayed by the incredible number of types, sizes, purposes, and variants. In the Mouser catalogue, for instance, there are 300,000 separately listed "circular connectors." More than 5,000 plain old AC power connectors. More than 57,000 different terminal blocks. And so it goes on.

    Possibly a superficial overview could be attempted, but I am not sure how useful that would be. Really, connectors could easily fill a whole extra volume.

    I'll definitely discuss this with my editor and see if we can do something in a future edition of the book.

    Charles Platt
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