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Element 6 and the new Canon pro9500 Mk II

Thanks for these 10 tips. I've just purchase your Element 6 Missing Manual and can't wait to dive in!

I have a question: I've also recently purchased a Canon Pro9500 Mark II inkjet printer which comes with Photoshop Element 6. What further material do you recommend that can tell me how this software/ hardware combo. work together like using paper profiles, etc.

Thanks for your time.
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  • Hi Steven. =)

    I pinged Barbara Brundage (author of Photoshop Elements 6: The Missing Manual) about your question. She'd like to know what operating system your computer runs--are you on a Windows machine? (If so, do you use XP, Vista, or 7?) Or are you running a Mac?

    And can you be any more specific about exactly what you'd like to do with Elements and your printer? For example, is there a specific project you bought it for?


    Assistant Editor, Missing Manuals
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