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Either Sgt. O'Reilly, MIA or Mr.. O'Reilly, He Dead

What the @%$^%$%# has happened to one of the best computerbook houses (and support stuff) in the WORLD? Most of the Faunabooks - Gone, Windows n Annoyanceds - GONE - Even unsupported Creative Elements (Copyleft it if you don't want to support it) a really Really big help to Win-7 users GONE and unless I can find my password lost in a system crash, GONE FOREVER - I'm sure we could develop a self-supporeting community 'round that one, even build a REAL TweakUI for it, since it seems Win-7 is going to be the LAST Windows for Personal Computers and not PCs as pads, phones and other crap, AND I JUST DON'T WANNA LEARN LINUX, pay $50+ for the right to a box or tube that says "APPLE" on it and contains a neutered WINTEL machine, or buy a good grade of VMM and go from a 1st to a 4th Gen 2011-pin CPU and a $$ board set up to use all the memory we shoulda been able to use with Gen. 1 (the basic hack would req. running mem. lines through ultra-fast isolators and onto a "simple" board that added LOTS of memory sockets and 1-2V carefully-regulated DC - the kinda stuff that involves using toaster ovens, temp-regulated hair driers and IR to visible tools to make use of solder available for $200 a tube that dies within 3 weeks of opening. [If you do another book, how about including a section on repairing $600 mobos by finding the unmarked/unlabled picofuse embedded in the center of rows of picocaps/diodes/resistors similarly marked - or convincing the attorneys general responsible for winning the LCD price fixing scam case with reducing the MTBF by soldering down "the other 2/3rds" of the CPU to the motherboard, along with the no marks meaning 15 cent fuses mean a complete replacement. But PLEASE bring back the animals and the Aggravations and the fine programs, OR at least making 'em PD.
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