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Edits requested on Head First C#

Head First C#: Found review on Amazon which the reviewer should have shared with you:
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  • Sasha-

    We're aware of those reviews, although obviously nobody likes to see a poor review. We made a conscious decision late in the Head First C# production cycle to publish the book on time, even knowing there would be some errata, rather than pushing the book back a month to fix every typo.
    Since then, we've fixed all those typos (and some people never caught) in reprintings, and are hearing lots of positive things. But the original decision is still having an effect.
    Honestly, it's become a somewhat controversial decision, too. As you've seen, lots of people have been disappointed that the book didn't receive as strenuous a proofread, copyedit, etc., as our titles typically receive.
    On the other hand, we've had to balance that with the substantial backlash from customers -- both individuals and businesses -- that would have arisen had we slipped the book back an entire month. Invariably, we'd hear things like, "You delayed this book to fix some typos? Are you kidding?"
    It's a real catch-22, for better or worse.

    That's an awfully long way of saying that we made a judgment call, and six or eight months down the line, it's easy to second guess. What is important is that we've fixed all those errata in subsequent printings, and from what we've been hearing, people seem to be really happy with the book.
    I certainly appreciate the frustration from finding mistakes in a technical book, and I also can promise that we've become more stringent than ever in hunting those things down. I can't say we'll ever manage a completely error-free book, but we're certainly trying!

    Brett McLaughlin
    Head First Series Editor
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