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Ebooks: No color? No hyperlinks?

The ebook version of Lion the Missing Manual should be in color!
All eBooks should be in color.

All references (TOC, index, in text body) should be hyperlinks!
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  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for posting your concerns, and I'm sorry to hear your frustration. With regard to your point about color, we agree that they should be in color and most of our books are. We're still working out the workflow with David Pogue (who creates his books entirely independently), but in the meantime, those few ebooks remain black and white.

    But regarding the hyperlinks, which format/platform are you using to read the ebook, and where did you purchase it? I assume it's the PDF, because the same workflow issues remain with that format (most other O'Reilly books also do feature linked references in the PDF). But the other formats we offer through our ebook bundle (EPUB and Mobi) do include active hyperlinks for the TOC, in-text references, etc. If you can give me a few more details, I might be able to help you further, but it sounds like you'd be happier with the book in a different format or reader.

    Brian Sawyer
    Senior Editor, Missing Manuals
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