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I’m frustrated.


I'm looking to get my brother-in-law Practical C++ Programming. It's not on you list of "eBook" bundles but there is an eBook link on its page. Does the ebook option have a Kindle version in it?
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    Hello Toadzky,

    The PDF is available for this book, but not the .mobi file for the Kindle. While we are making more and more books available as ebook bundles that include a PDF, .epub, and .mobi file (for the same price), the Kindle does not do a good job of rendering code or tables common in technical books. In fact, in many instances those portions of a book are unreadable. This is something the Kindle development team is working to fix, but at this time a book like Practical C++ Programming would be a disappointment on the Kindle. However, the PDF we offer is an exact representation of the print book and is available now at .

    You may also want to consider a subscription to Safari Books Online ( ) where your brother could access this book as well as thousands of others from O'Reilly and other leading tech publishers. The Safari Library, at $42.99 a month, also includes hundreds of hours of video training, and the ability to download books in PDF format for offline viewing.

    I hope this helps. --Allen
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