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ebook request: proper digital page numbering

I know this may be a tall order, but can the PDF ebooks actually be page-numbered correctly? PDF files allow for separate i... and 1... page numbering, and in a (good) PDF reader you can go to page "ix" or page "412" and end up on the right page.

I'm scrolling through "Fonts and Encodings" at the moment, for instance, and PDF page 571 is actually document page 547.

Correct digital page numbering has been supported by PDF since versions that predate ebook readers, so having an ebook publishing policy where digital copies must be digitally paginated correctly is a small change going forward, and all title producers can be informed that a repagination is desired for their titles. Since O'Reilly does free updates to ebooks, offering a new download that fixes the pagination would be extremely useful.
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