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EBOOK/PDF Head First iPhone and iPad Development, 2d ed. No images on iPad

A friend purchased the pdf ebook 'Head First iPhone and iPad Development' second edition. He recommends it to me, but told me he was unable to read it on iPad since the images did not show. It worked on the computer. I searched web and saw identical problems with other Head first publications. Those were fixed by O'Reilly according to the posts. Now, before I purchase the ebook, can you tell me if also Head First iPhone and iPad Development is corrected, and will be ok on iPad?
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  • Hi there,

    We've done some initial testing of Head First iPhone and iPad Development, 2d ed on the iPad, and have not encountered any problems with missing images.

    Could your friend provide some more details on the problem he's experiencing, or perhaps send us some screenshots of PDF pages that are missing images? That would be helpful to us in further troubleshooting the problem.



    Sanders Kleinfeld
    Publishing Technologies Specialist
    O'Reilly Media Inc.
    10 Fawcett Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138
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