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Thanks, i will feel more comfortable dealing with you, Cant you deliver yourself as here we are talking about Ebooks so it does not really matter, i mean here we are not dealing with physical books. Yah i can understand if its Orielly policy that client from SA would be served from UK only. Plz comment??? bec i dont want things getting changed as new person gets into the picture and then i have to start over again...

Please also answer:

What information, beside ebooks, you will be sending to my developers ???? Would you be sending prices of each title to my developers???? as i dont want them to know how much i am paying for each title. yah i want them to know that books are being delivered from Orielly and we have a Site Licence etc with Orielly.

PLZ let me know any other thing that we have not discussed yet as i dont want any surprise in the middle of things. my understanding is that i will be sending you name and quantity for each title and name and email of my developers and my credit card details. you will take Max one day to sort out every thing and ebooks would be delivered in a day or two But not more than that...These ebooks would be in PDF format and other formats as well so my developers could use them at different devices (kindlke etc) if they want..... AM i right???
PLEASE let me know if i misunderstood any thing....

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