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I want to Buy an Electronic copy of "Microsoft Visual C# 2012 Step by Step by John Sharp" , I wana ask you few Questions

1: Is it available in PDF? Can i print it ?

2: Can i print more than 1 copy of this book after purchasing the E book, Is there any restriction from the publisher for the number of copies i may print? (As O Reilly claims that i can do it )

Pla let me know ASAP so that i could buy this book
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  • Hello m ali,

    Thank you for your interest in Microsoft Visual C# 2012 Step by Step. This title is available as a PDF, and if it is for your own use you may print the title as many times as you would like.

    When you purchase an ebook of a title you will have the option of purchasing the print version for 40%. In the ebooks tab of "Your Products" you will see a yellow button to the right of the ebook formats offering 40% off the print version.

    Also, you can purchase the bundle of the same title as a print and ebook which greatly reduces the price of purchasing both the ebook and print book separately. Hope that helps and have a great day!

    Kind regards,
    Paul Fichera
    Customer Service Representative
    O'Reilly Media
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  • Dear Paul

    Thanks for your reply, i highly appreciate that, your reply was very help full as i am planning to get few books (Electronic or printed, will decide which option is more afordable)..Can you plz answer

    1: Can i print more then 1 copy and give it to others.??? As it is mentioned on O'rielly site "Unlike most other retailers, ebooks from shop.oreilly.com are not restricted. You can freely loan, re-sell or donate them, read them without being tracked, or move them to a new device without re-purchasing all of them."

    2: As you mentioned that i can purchase a bundle of Print or Ebook, how can i purchase a bundle??? do i need to only increase the number of books when i will purchase OR is there any other specific option to choose bundle????

    3: As i read on O'rielly site

    "You are not allowed to place the content on a server for downloading, and you should purchase a site license if you wish to share the PDF with a group of developers on an Intranet."

    What would be the price for Site License to share PDF with 6-10 Developers for lets say 2-6 books?????

    and how it would be done practically (i mean if i buy license then would there be a link placed on my site with login details for each developer who want to access those books????

    would you guys charge monthly or annually????

    would i be able to change access right for deveopers????

    plz let me know in details abt this option......

    4:If i want to get PDF, how i am going to select PDF as there is no option to select a specific format when you purchae an ebook?????

    5: After i will enter my credit card details, how long it will take to get ebook that i purchased???

    i will appreciate for your kind reply

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