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E-book licensing/sharing?

It is difficult to figure out the licensing information on your e-books.
I ordered "Head First Android Development": in Beta in e-book format - my colleagues who sit next to me would like to read the book - now that I am done- I can't tell if I can forward it to them or not, like I would be able to do with a real book? Yet because it is electronic I could see how this could easily get out-of-hand? so I was expecting to see either no - or yes but only with N # of people, or you can share if your purchased, or you can share, but can't sell.
The only thing I can see on your webite is terms and conditons - which is a link that doens't appear to be associated with anything in particular? (but reading the license it seems to be for sharing source code?)
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  • Helen Monroe (Senior Rights Manager) February 06, 2012 15:23
    Hi Eric

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    You can lend the book to your colleague, as you would a print book. So, you should delete any copy of the ebook you have once you've sent it to your colleague and he/she should delete any copy they have once they return the book back to you.

    I agree with you that we do not have explicit enough information on our website as to what you can and can't do with our ebooks & have brought this up with my colleagues in house.

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