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I’m frustrated beyond words!

Dreamweaver dynamic learning, nothing but frustration! How do I open videos, and follow along using a pc?

I just purchased Dynamic learning for dreamweaver. First I found I had a missing file "index.html". I found your site and downloaded the correct files. Then I went back to learn, and realized the video tutorial I was watching was for a mac, which i dont have, and things werent syncing for me. I was watching the one swf file that was available. So I went to the flv files, of course I couldnt open them. I found out I don't have a standalone player, and I must use IE to open the files since I have a pc. But nothing works. Please help me open the files. And when I do open the files and find out that all the tutorials are mac based, please tell me how I follow them on my pc.
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    I am sorry that you are frustrated with the video tutorials. As it says in the book, to play them you need to have at least version 8 of the Adobe Flash Player, which you can download for free at Once you open the index.html file, you should be able to easily access all of the videos with the left-hand menu that appears in the Player window.

    The book covers both the Mac and Windows versions of the software, and the videos play equally well on both platforms. The differences between the Mac and Windows versions of Dreamweaver are relatively minor; to deal with those disparities, the screenshots in the book alternate (by chapter) between the Mac and Windows versions.

    Please contact me directly at if you continue to experience problems with the video tutorials. I will do everything I can to help you get them running properly on your PC.

    Edie Freedman
    Managing Editor, Dynamic Learning Series
    O'Reilly Media
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