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Drag & Drop: Move Instead Of Copy?

What modifier key do I use to move instead of copy? Do I hold down the command, control, or option key while dragging to move files instead of copying?
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  • If you're using a Mac with Mac OS X, press and hold the option key when moving a file from folder to folder in the finder to copy it (instead of simply moving it).

    I hope that information helps you.

    • Though the use of the 'option' key was missing from appendix of keyboard shortcuts, the 'move' vs. 'copy' action is dependent on the container(s), as explained on the Apple Developer's site [at: ]: "If the source and destination are in the same container (for example, a window or a volume), a drag-and-drop operation is interpreted as a move (that is, cut and paste). Dragging an item from one container to another initiates a copy (copy and paste). The user can perform a copy operation within the same container by pressing the Option key while dragging." So, even though Laurie's explanation implies that if one does not hold down the 'option' key, a move will occur, this is only true if both folders are in the same container. For example, a drag-and-drop from Folder A on Volume A to Folder B on Volume B results in a copy. A move is not possible in this context. (Thanks, Laurie).
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