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I’m frustrated

downloading my download (sic) books in iPod stanza

I try to use stanza on my iPhone/iPod to read my Oreilly downloadable books.
I can't login thru the default oreilly stanza entry. Downloading ebooks in epub formats
thrhu safari on my macbool does not work ether
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  • Hi cognominal,

    There are many ways to transfer EPUB files of O'Reilly books to the Stanza app on your iPhone.

    If you've purchased EBOOK bundles from O', you can launch Stanza, then select Catalog and then navigate to the O'Reilly Ebooks store, and select "My Bookshelf" (see screenshot)

    From there, you should be able to log in to your O' account and download your EPUBs to Stanza.

    Some other options involve using the Calibre application or O'Reilly's Bookworm reader to transfer the files, emailing the files to yourself, or grabbing books from a URL. You can find instructions for all these approaches on Lexcycle's site here:

    Let me know if I can be of further help.

    • thx for your answer.
      I go indeed to the oreilly bookshelf thru the said navigation but I consistently get an error when I try to log in. Being the most straightfoward method,
      it is a bummer tjat id does not work

      If I click the "classic login" link, I can log in with my usual login and password but I was not sure to go from there.

      I eventually sent the epub file and read it from the gmail page accessible from stanza.

      Thx for your answer. Hoping things will be more straightforward with your iPad app.
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