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Dojo Pocket Guide

A great companion to Dojo: The Definitive Guide would be a pocket guide. It would certainly help me out where I use dojo quite extensively, but I hate carrying around the large book. I love the pocket guides for Apache and SQL
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  • Hi Abe,

    Thanks for submitting your Dojo pocket guide suggestion. Your book / topic request has been received and is under consideration.

    We currently have a couple additional Dojo books to review and most of our new titles are available in electronic format to download on your PC or hand held devices.
    Dojo: The Definitive Guide
    By Matthew Russell
    June 2008
    Pages: 486
    ISBN: 9780596516482

    Dojo Fundamentals: Creating Object-Oriented Widgets
    By Matthew Russell
    October 2007
    Pages: 50
    Series: Short Cut
    Format: PDF
    ISBN: 9780596517052

    Mastering Dojo
    JavaScript and Ajax Tools for Great Web Experiences
    By Craig Riecke, Rawld Gill, Alex Russell
    June 2008
    Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
    Pages: 555
    ISBN: 9781934356111

    Mace Bergmann
    O'Reilly Media Inc.--
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