Does the web hosting service have PHP/phpMyAdmin & MySQL applications?

I have another question: I'm reading "PHP & MySQL: The Missing Manual" & am considering going on line with a Web hosting service (like Yahoo). I called Yahoo & the person didn't know whether they offer "Apache," "MySQL," & "PHP/phpMyAdmin" applications. What questions do I need to ask when I shopping for a web hosting service? Yahoo uses an Apache server, but the person didn't know anything about MySQL or PHP applications. Thank you.
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  • Hi Peter,

    I took a look at Yahoo's hosting specs and it looks like their Advanced and Premier plans include PHP 5.3.6, MySQL 5.1, and phpMyAdmin. All of their plans are on Apache servers. It sounds like their customer service people may not be very technical :) You can see the specs at

    If you're considering another host, I'd recommend looking to see if they have technical specs online.

    Hope that helps!

    Kind Regards,

    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media
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