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Do-It-Yourself Collapsible Menus; "Creating a Website"

I'm working with the "Create a Website" text and I'm having a similar issue that is (technically) mentioned elsewhere on this website but not adequately addressed. I'm working purely with notepad and my firefox browser (I think it's "version 3.6.17"). My submenu's do not disappear (or "Reset") when I mouseover the body of the page. They also remain layered one on top of the other. I've used the exact code they laid out in the book( pages 476-481). From playing around with the code on my own, I want to say there "must be some error in the book". Specifically, I feel there must be something wrong in the markup for resetting the submenu's to "none" after the mouseover event, but I don't know enough in general to be sure of that. I'm not sure what to do, I'm new to html (referring to this book only) and I really would like to correct this or understand why it's not working.

Edit in: Actually, I need to clarify. When I copy the exact code into three separate notepad files ( index, style, and scripts) and then open index using FireFox, I see my menu and when I mouse over the buttons I get nothing (no submenu appears, and, seemingly, no event takes place). When I remove the ResetAllMenus() function from my MakeVisible() function, is when the submenus appear, but then do not disappear and remain layered on top of one another. I see the same effect happening whether or not I have code for the ResetAllMenus() function in my script file.
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