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I’m displease

Displease with Oreillys

I run an emergy tree service for storm damage across the country, Based out of texas.For years i've used Nappa Auto Parts for 30 yrs, Until met a man name Gary at your Springdale Ark. Location. Anytime i've came into your store. Gary was the 1st one to greet me and was the only one to come from behind the counter and give me help. He seemed very knowledge and when he didn't know he always tried to find out. I witnessed the Poor treatment of this man on couple of occasion's, and I was shocked by this, but contiuned to come to Gary because he was always helpfl. I like the services that he gave me.Now that I have found out Gary was dissmissed for reasons that I find hard to understand. I've decided to go back to nappa with my automotive needs. just to let you know Gary made me feel like I was very importent to your company. sorry to say no one else took those steps. Even thou I know nothing will be done about this, I stiil wanted to take the to express my thoughts on this matter.One last comment, If this is the way you allow your store's to be ran, Its only a matter of time before you start losing even more bussiness. Thank you for your time.
J.E. Rucker
Ph 210-542-0857

emial: joey.nordan@yahoo,com
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