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I want to read the book "Inside Cyber Warfare" now. However, you have announced the new edition coming in December 2011 and have already opened the next edition of this book for pre-order. If I buy this book now, will I get a discount to purchase the new edition when it is published?
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  • Hi Niranjan,

    Yes, if you get the current edition, you can get a discount on the next edition.

    If you have an older edition of a book, you can recieve 40-50% off the purchase price of a newer edition.

    To be eligible for this discount, just register your book at If you purchase from, it should be automatically registered. Then, when the new edition comes out, you'll see an offer on Your Products page for a 40% upgrade discount for the print book and a 50% upgrade discount for the ebook.


    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media
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