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I’m disappointed

Disappointed in O'Reilly's new advertising tactics

I've always thought of O'Reilly as a classy company. Today's email, tarnished that image. The diminishment started with the "*Free to Chose* Your Pocket Reference..." subject. Did you think the slightly misleading word "Free" would catch my eye so I'd read further? Then, only in the fine print was it divulged the offer didn't apply to Print books. O'Reilly just moved down several notches on my "Class" yardstick.
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  • Hello John,

    My apologies for your experience, and you can blame me. We're doing a ton of testing and optimization to learn what works as we grow our direct business. Sometimes we nail it and sometimes we fall short. The latter is always a disappointment for us because our reputation means everything.

    I hope you give us an opportunity to polish our reputation w/ you, and thanks for taking the time to write.

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