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Deke McClellan's books on Illustrator CS4

I have the Creative Suite CS3 package on my Mac presently. I purchased Deke McClellan's "Adobe In-Design CS3 One on One" and "Adobe Photoshop CS3 One on One". But I noticed that he did not write a book for Adobe Illustrator CS3, but is taking orders for a yet to be release Adobe Illustrator CS4 book.

Is his new book going to be relevant to Adobe Illustrator CS3 users or will I be better off upgrading to CS4 before purchasing it? I have only owned the CS3 Suite for 3 or 4 months and now Apple is coming out with CS4. I'd like to get some mileage off CS3 before having to buy the upgrade. Can you advise me on this and Deke McClellan's new Illustrator CS4 book?

Are there any other Illustrator CS3 books with a similar DVD video included like Deke's books?
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  • Hi, Russ,

    We're glad to hear that you purchased--and hopefully find enjoyable and quite useful--Deke's Photoshop- and InDesign CS3 One-on-One titles.

    Any book that Deke does on any of the CS4 point products will of course be centered on getting the most out of that particular version of the software. That doesn't mean that Deke approaches each new book aiming to simply cover what's new in the new version of the software.... rather, his One-on-One learning method is project- and results- based: you learn how to do the most common stuff associated with that program. If Adobe changes how something integral to these processes works, Deke changes how he writes about it.

    All of this is by way of saying that the answer you're looking for has more to do with your assessment of the changes Adobe's made between CS3 and CS4.

    Here are a few places you can check out, in order to learn more right now (since CS4 hasn't yet been released and as such, no one can talk about the deep details yet):

    Alas, I know of no other book/DVD combos on Illustrator CS3 that would fit the bill as you've requested. That's one of the big reasons Deke's wanted to do this Illustrator book; we definitely hear you: there's a big need for it...

    We hope this helps, and thanks for keeping Deke's Illustrator CS4 book on your "gotta check it out" list!

    --Steve Weiss
    Executive Editor, O'Reilly Media
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