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I’m frustrated

Defective Nook HD+

I've read the missing manual 2nd ed regarding nook hd regarding transferring files from iMac to nook. ( i have nook HD+). Have done all the troubling shooting. Device is MTP. I changed Developer Options to enable ADB. The nook is new. Internal Storage is 4% full (27.62GB available). I added a SD. 0 full. Internal Storage Notification is set at 75%. no notifications. however, whenever i try to export a photo-a single jpeg photo, not a file but just one photo, to the nook, the Mac (Lion OS) is telling me the nook does not have capacity to complete the transaction. I've tried on another Mac desktop. Same result. I've tried to export from a Macbook. Same result. I conclude the nook is defective. What am i missing? I've tried and their customer service line twice. each time they have disconnected my call within minutes without any assistance. Your thoughts. Thanks.
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