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I’m confused

DeBug Safari for bank websites

Hi, having recently migrated to a Mac, I have made excellent use of 3 of your manuals that I purchased to enhance my experience with my Mac. I do however find it difficult to fine the software you often refer to. As an example, I tried to find Tinker Tool last night but when I go to software downloads, all I see at the manuals that are available, I could not even find it in the search function. In the end I made a search in Safari and found it that way.
Anyway, I’m having a problem, as highlighted in your manual on Leopard, when trying to access bank websites using Safari, they either lock up before I am able to log-in or are intermittent. In your manual you stated to load Tinker Tool and check the “de-bug” check box. Well all I could find was a check box for programme development, which I checked. However, contrary to the manual, when I then restarted Safari, there is no de-bug or other icon that appears next the Help icon in the menu bar.

Could you please assist.
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  • try using Firefox a much better browser for the mac, google firefox and download for free, that will help for some of your problems with safari problems
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  • Hi Vaughan,

    You can find most software referred to in Missing Manuals books on the books' Missing CD page. Here is a list of all Missing CD pages, and here is the Missing CD page for Mac OS X Leopard.

    It looks like the newest version of Safari is different than when this Missing Manual was written, so the options you need are now under the Develop menu, not the Debug menu. I'll submit this as errata so that it can be updated in future editions of the book.

    I took a look at Safari 3.2.1 on my MacBook and found the option you need, User Agent, under the Develop menu.

    If you don't see the Develop menu, try going to Safari > Preferences > Advanced and checking Show Develop menu in menu bar.

    Once you've enabled the Develop menu, go to Develop > User Agent and then select whatever browser your bank website recommends in their system requirements.

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you have more questions.

    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media, Inc.
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